GOAT Athletes Together!

US Open Tennis.. New York…

Final Grand Slam… First Round!

Men & Women…14 Days of Tennis..

In The Biggest Tennis Stadium…

Arthur Ashe!

Tonight Two Athletes …

GOAT in Arthur Ashe Tonight!

One playing… Roger Federer!

One Watching… Michael Jordan!

MJ in RF Box said…
“Never Seen … Live Tennis!”

New Business Partners…


Match Made In Nike Heaven!

Two Endorsers Got Together to Make a

New Tennis Shoe!

Federer Wearing New Sneakers…

New York Tonight!


“It’s just amazing having Michael here,”Growing up he was my big sporting idol. … Having him here is unbelievably special, and the collaboration is unique, so I love it.”
Federer Said Post Match…

After His Match Win Over Aussie…

Mariinko Matosevic ….
Who Lightened his darkening losing by engaging with Jordan….
Pointing at him and saying…
“I just want to be like Mike”.


Can The Air Nike Fed-Jordan Shoe..

Help Roger Win Six US OpenTitles..

To Tie Michael’s Six Basketball Titles?


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King & Queen of Tennis!

Masters 1000 Tennis Tournament Today… Finals!

Last Big Tourney to Last Grandslam…

US Open Tennis in NYC!

Today Champions…

Queen of Tennis now…

Serena Williams won..

First Title Win in Cincy in 11 Tries…

Sixty -two Tennis Titles Total!


The King of Tennis now…

Roger Federer Won…

Sixth Title in Cincy….Eighty Titles Total!

Third behind Conners & Lendl in most Titles Won!

Twenty-Two Masters 1000 Wins!

2014 Year Federer at 33 ..

48 Match Wins.. Most All Players!

Where are all of pundits who said…
Roger can’t win at this level anymore? HELLO!!!!!!!!


Can The King & Queen Win US Open?

Making it Both Their Number 18..

Tennis Grand Slam!

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Record Roger!

Roger Federer …. Record Breaking!

Roger Keeps on Rolling!

Retire? ….Why?

What Makes Roger one of Greats..

Finalist last Week Canada…

Win Today in Cincy second Round..

While Jo Tsonga Champ in Toronto …

First Round Loss in Cincinnati!

That’s what Makes the Champions …

Separate Themselves …

They Keep Going Week to Week!

Today at Tennis Masters 1000…

Roger Won His 300th…Masters 1000!

Win over Upcoming Vasek Popisil..

Another Record In ATP!

His First ATP Tennis 1000 Match Win…

In Miami Masters 1000… Year 2000..

Beating Justin Gimblestob…

Justin.. Tennis Commentator!

Roger… Tennis Superstar!

Today Justin & Roger Together Interview!

Congrats Roger… Another Milestone!



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Sisterly Love Match!

Semi-Final Saturday..Masters 1000 Tennis!

Roger’s Cup In Canada…Montreal!

Sister’s Serena vs Venus…

Sisterly Love & Tennis Rivalry!

Twenty-Fifth Time …Sisters played!

Thirties Now both Sisters…

Venus Been Diagnosed With Disease…

Still Determined To Play Tennis!

Williams Sisters.. Two Greats of Sport!


Venus Wins First Victory over Serena

Since 2009… Five Years in…

A Three Set Thriller…

6-7 (2), 6-2, 6-3!

Venus Moves on to Final in Montreal!


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Football & Futbol Retirements!

Two Athletes …

One In Football…One in Futbol… Retiring!

Both Saying…

“They Lived Their Dream!”

David Wilson… NFL Football Running Back… New York Giants…Retired!

Wilson.. NY Giant Record for…

Most Kickoff Return Yards in

2012 Season ….1,533 Yards!

David at Age 23…Injured His Neck…

Drs Saying After Surgery Last Season

Saying Time To End Career in Football!

Sad for David Wilson but a..

Positive Goodbye Speech by Wilson..

“At a young age, I had a dream to play in the NFL, i did that, I played in the NFL and I scored touchdowns and I broke tackles and I broke and set records. I practiced with my teammates, got to play for Coach (Tom) Coughlin, got drafted by the Giants. So at no point should anybody feel like this is over, because in life everything has obstacles. We all go through our own obstacles every day. The main thing is, when you’re going through those obstacles, to stay focused and embrace faith and keep your dreams. Even if one dream seems to fade away, set another goal and set another dream and try to reach that.”


Landon Donovan…MLS Futbol Forward….LA Galaxy… Retiring!

Bittersweet Ending For Donovan …

Being Left off USA World Cup Team!

Donovan at Age 32…A Full Career Finished…. Retiring!

Landon will be Leaving End of Season!


The Face of MLS & LA Galaxy..

Worked In Career To Promote Futbol


Donovan Accomplished…

America’s all-time leading goalscorer…

World Cups and MLS..

Won …MLS Cup Five Times..

Won…Supporters’ Shield (best regular season record) Twice…

Twice named MLS All-Star Game MVP!

Landon Donovan Said Today…

“After careful deliberation and after many conversations with those closest to me, I have decided that this will be my last season as a professional soccer player…
I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have played a role in the remarkable growth of MLS and US Soccer during my playing career. And while my career as a player will soon be over, rest assured I will stay connected on many levels to the beautiful game.”



Two Classy ..Football & Futbol Players!

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It’s BACK!

Tonight’s the Night…

Pre-Season Sunday Night Football!

Football Starts Tonight!

Hall of Fame Game…

Kick off ….Pre-Season Game..

New York Giants vs Buffalo Bills!

Football Season 2014-2015..

Here We Go!

Sixteen Weeks..

Which Teams Will be Surprises for..

Best or Worst?

Which Teams Will be to Playoffs?

Sundays Will be Football Sundays Again!

Have Fun Rooting for Your…

Favorite Football Team!

“Waiting All Day for Sunday Night Football”


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Sixty Six!

LA Dodger Game … Vin Scully Night!

Mid Game Stopped to Announce…

Vin Will Be Returning Next Year…

Announcing & Story Telling ….

Dodger Baseball Games!

Dodger Fans … Standing “O”!

He Even Has A Story about Every Player on Opposing Teams!

It will be his SIXTY SIX Season!

What a Career!

Who has Held Same Job for Sixty Six Years?!!

From Brooklyn Dodgers to LA Dodgers!

What Fun to Listen to …

The Greatest Sports Announcer in History!

His Class.. His Dignity.. His Humor….
His Kindness to Fans, Workers, players at “The Ball Park!”

His Love for the Game of Baseball!

And His Signature Saying…

“It’s Time For Dodger Baseball!”


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