Peyton Passes!

Peyton Manning Passes Brett Favre!

NFL For Leagues Record for…

Most Career Touchdown Passes…


The Manning Football Family…

Class and Success!

Peyton Manning started NFL Career..

Indianapolis Colts!

Peyton’s Rookie Season in 1998..

First TD Pass To Former Colts …

Marvin Harrison..Wide Receiver!

Manning-Harrison leads..
112 TD Passes Duo!

Manning, with Reggie Wayne …67 TD Passes and
Dallas Clark.. 44 TD Passes!

Manning Threw…399 TD Passes..

Regular Season with Indianapolis Colts!

Life After Indianapolis for Peyton..

After Three Years from Spinal Surgery!

Denver Broncos Picked Up Peyton

Brought Broncos to Super Bowl!

Peyton’s 3rd with One Super Bowl Win!

Manning’s TD Pass to Demaryius Thomas..

Led Peyton to Pass Farve TD Pass Record of 508!

“I’m very humbled, I’m very honored,I certainly think about how grateful I am for all the teammates and coaches that I’ve played with and played for throughout my career, not only here in Denver — in Indianapolis and all the people who have helped me along the way.”Said Peyton.

Manning has also thanked “everybody, the coaches I’ve teammates I’ve played with … any kind of record doesn’t happen without them.”

After Celebration with Bronco Teammates Teasing Peyton Throwing Ball Around Not Letting Him Have It!

The Pro Football Hall of Fame..

Secured The Ball & Plan To Display..

In Canton, Ohio!

Congrats Tweet from Brett Farve..

“Well deserved Peyton. Congratulations on breaking my record. #Onto600″

Congrats Peyton Manning For another..

Record Breaking in History of NFL!


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Series Set!

National League Baseball Champs!

San Francisco Giants Win in 5!

Giants beat St.Louis Cardinals ..NLDS!

4 Games to 1!

In Game 5 To Win Series..

Walk off Home Run by a Rookie!

San Fran Giants Won.

Last 3 out of 5 NL Titles…

All Even Years..2010..2012…2014!

To Go On To ..Win World Series!

Will This Happen Again!



With All Time Off Until World Series…

Can Cinderella Story of KC Royals…

Keep The Winning Streak Going?

Analyst says…”KC call LA Dodgers to find out about SF Players to help win!”

Nothing Like Calling..Opponent’s Rival!

Can The Experience SF Giants…

Keep The Every Even Year Win?

SF … 30th Time… KC..3rd Time!

Two Wildcard Teams in World Series!

Who Will Be World Series Champs?

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Tip of The Cap!

ALCS Baseball Postseason!

Saw Kansas City Royals Sweep..

Baltimore Orioles.. Bringing out Brooms!

Lorenzo Cain… Outfielder Name MVP!

KC Royals To World Series .since 1985!

Seventeen days ago….

Royals faced …The eighth inning…

American League Wild Card Game..

Sept. 30.Kansas City Down to Oakland by Four Runs 7-3…

KC Came Back to Win and…

Haven’t Looked Back Since!

Eighth Win in A Row This Postseason!

Sweeping ALDS… Best Team LA Angels & Now ALDS Baltimore O’s!

KC Royals Young Team Got It Done by..

Stealing… Fast Running….. Hits…Pitching.. Bullpen ….defense!

In Football They say You Win Defense!

These Royals Win With DEFENSE!

Many “Tips of The Caps!”

Congrats To Baltimore for Great Season!

Good Luck to The Cinderella Story..

Kansas City Royals on to…

World Series!

Can They Sweep In World Series to go..

Twelve in A Row?



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One Mistake!

National League Division Series!

What Two Series of Baseball Postseason!

Three out of Five.. No Room for…


Washington vs San Francisco!

A Big Manager Mistake.. Game 2..

Take out Pitcher Zimmerman..

Bottom Ninth .. One out to Go..

After Rolling through Game with Washington to even Series 1-1!

Bullpen blew it.. Tied Game to Go to
Longest 18 innings & 6 hours later to Lose Game for Nationals loss!

Headed back to San Fran ..

San Fran Giants won Series 3-1

Knocking out Top Nationals in NLDS!

While What Was Happening with …

Los Angeles Dodgers vs St Louis Cardinals!

Cardinals own Dodgers in Postseason!

Why… Mistakes!

Game One..Best Pitcher Kershaw Rolling…

Dodger up 5 runs until…

7th inning… Cards Hit after hit..Home Run to take lead! Cards to Win Game 1

Kershaw Saw De Javu’ Game 4..

Dodgers up 2-0 Kershaw Rolling..

7th inning Kershaw threw One Mistake Pitch for Home Run …

Cardinals to take 3-2 game and…

Win Series!

Credit to San Fran & St Louis for Battling Til End of NLDS!

One Big Mistakes in these Two Series

Have St Louis & San Francisco going to



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Two Brooms!

American League Division Series…

Postseason Baseball!

Broomsticks were out.. Sunday!

One…. Two…. Three Games …


Baltimore Orioles sweep Detroit Tigers!

Orioles beat the Tigers…

Three Cy Young Winners!.

Orioles made it exciting to the end!

Orioles Moving on to ALCS …

First Since 1997!


ALDS Another….

One… Two …. Three…


Kansas City Royals sweep Los Angeles Angels!

Royals Swept Best Team..LA Angels!

First Time in Baseball ….

Best Record In Baseball was Swept…

Three Out of Five Series!

Royals Fun Team to Watch!

Fast & Furious…

Defense… Running Bases.. Hitting..

Young Team… Most Players weren’t even Born Last Time Royals were in…

Playoffs & on to Win World Series!

Royals Moving On To ALCS …

First Since 1985!


American League Champion Series Set!

KC Royals vs Baltimore Orioles!

That best-of-seven begins Friday in Baltimore..

Winner to World Series!

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Lambeau Leap!


Every NFL Team Gets Penalty for

Celebrating of any kind in End Zone!


They aren’t hurting Anyone…

Happy to Score!

Green Bay Packers …Get Away with..

When Score TD &….

Go Flying Into Fans in The Stands to Celebrate…

They can Hurt A Fan!

Why is “Lambeau Leap!” ….


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Two Nights.. Two Ways!

Baseball Postseason!

Two Wild Card Games…One & Done!

Two Games Going Two Different Ways!

ALS… KC Royals vs Oakland A’s..

A Classic Game… One of The Best!

A Five Hour Game that saw Everything!

Looked Like A …A’s Win up 7-3 in 7th!

Royals went on a 8th inning Catch Up!

Stealing… Bunting.. Hitting!

Extra Innings… Back & Forth Until..

Bottom 12 … Walk off Hit KC Royals Win!

KC Royals … Made saying..

“It’s Not Over Til It’s Over!”

Royals manager Ned Yost said. “Our guys never quit. We fell behind there in the fifth inning, sixth inning. They kept battling back. They weren’t going to be denied. It was just a great game.”


NLS Wildcard…
SF Giants vs Pittsburgh Pirates!

Blowout Game…Big Difference from ALS Game!

A Three Hour Game…

8-0 Domination by San Fran Giants!

Pitcher Madison Bumgarner Pitched All Nine Innings.. Shut Out!

San Fran In 4th.. Brandon Crawford…

First Shortstop hit… Grand Slam!

San Francisco Giants Moving On!

There World Series Experience Lately!

Team to Beat?


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