Breaking Up is Hard To Do!

What A Week for…

Rory McIlroy & Caroline Wozniacki!

Two Young Athletes Engaged…

New Years Eve…

Two Called Off Engagement in May!

Both …Back To Winning Ways…

After Parting Ways!

On The Tennis Court in Istanbul…

Caroline Celebrated….Victory!

Her First Tennis Title…2014!

Wozniacki Has Won …

One WTA Title since….2008!

Caroline’s Win Hours before…

On The Golf Course in Liverpool …

Rory McIlroy Celebrated… Victory!

Won the British Open….His First!

Breaking Par Every Round and..

Winning From Start to Finish!

Rory’s Third Major of Four…

Before Age 26!

Third Youngest Player After…

Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods to..

Win Three of Four Majors!

Congrats to Caroline & Rory…

Champions on Same Sunday!

No Love off The Court & Course!

Profession Trumps Love Here..

Break Up… Best for Both..

Weekend WINNERS!



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All Star of All Stars!

Baseball Season 2014… Half Way!

Nations All Stars vs American All Stars!

All Baseball Players From Each Team ..

Together for One Game!

All Star Game… Winner Gets Home Field…

World Series… Tonight’s winner..

American League and…

New York Yankee Derek Jeter!

Derek’s Final All Star Game…

What A Farewell Ovation by Peers and Fans!

Farewell to ” The Captain!”

The All American Baseball Player!

Derek is The True Sportsmanship!

Something That is Hard to Find in Today’s World of Sports…

Even If your Not a Yankee Fan…

You should be a Jeter Fan!

Over 3400 Hits…

20 Years With “The Same Team!”….
NY Yankees….

5 Championships and many Playoffs!

You Are ONE Of All Time GREATS…
On & Off The Field….


Baseball Fans Will Miss You on …

Your Field of Dreams!

Good Luck Derek Jeter and…

Glad Got to See You Play and….

“Did it Your Way!”


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Finale’ Brazil!


World Cup 2014… Brazil Closing!

One Month of World Coming Together for One Sport…. Futbol!

Brazil Being The Favoite in 2014

Brazil coming in Fourth!

When The Netherlands Won 3rd…

Beating Brazil on Saturday!

Starting ….31 Teams!

Watching 63 Matches!

Upsets and Cinderella Stories!

170 Goals in Tournament ….

With ONE GOAL to Win World Cup!

In Final Match Two Teams…

Argentina vs Germany!

Seventh Extra Time World Cup..
Third Straight!

Argentina,…2 Time World Cup Winner…Last Time 1986!

Appearing … First Final Since 1990

Losing To Germany!

Would History Repeat Itself!

Argentina only Trailed 7 minutes…
Whole World Cup!

Germany Coach insert Substitute..88 minute…

Twenty year old Mario Gotzes to
Become a..

Substitute to Score Winning Goal!

The Defining & Greatest Moment for on World Stage…

Mario Gotzes!

First Allowed Goal by Argentina in 455 minutes…
Bad Timing For Argentina!

Second Latest Goal.. World Cup
History..113 minute!

Germany First World Cup since…1990!

First European Team to Win on…

American Soil!

Fourth World Cup in Germany’s History!

Germany Best Team Tournament

All Team Effort! Not bout one Big Superstar!

This was a top-heavy World Cup;

Brazil ..Germany…Argentina …Spain front-runners….past editions of the tournament!

By the end of the World Cup….

Germany left little doubt it is the best team in the word!

. In fact, it may be the best national soccer team ever assembled!

World Cup winners is by their goal differential throughout tournament!

18 goals scored and four allowed…..
Comes out at a plus-14.

This is tied for the best goal differential ever for a …

World Cup Champion!

Jurgen Klinsmann congratulates his protege. “Yes Yes Yes!!! Jogi you did it!!! Huge compliment to Argentina, but the best team won the 2014 World Cup!

Golden Ball.. Lionel Messi.. 4 Goals
brought his team to Final!

Messi said…
“As well as they controlled the ball,” “we still had the clearest chances.”

Brazil Team Left Tournament Empty Handed but…

Brazil.. the Country Proved to be…

A Outstanding Host!

Can The Germans Go On To…


What A Fun World Cup 2014!


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Finals in Rio!

2014 Brazil World Cup Final.. Set!

After Two Semi Finals that..

Complete Opposite Matches!

Germany Shocked Host Brazil..

Scoring 7 Goals to 1 for Brazil!

Brazil First Loss At Home.. 75 matches!

Saying One of Most Humiliating Loss For Host World Cup Team!

Germany’s Player Klose…

World Cup History…16 Goals!

Second Semi…

Argentina vs Netherlands …

No Goals… Extra Time.. Penalty Kicks!

Argentina Win in Penalty Kicks!

First semi final to penalty kicks!

Third Place Consolation Match Set..

Brazil vs Netherlands!

Can Brazil Redeem Themselves without… Neymar over Netherlands?

World Cup Final…

Argentina vs Germany!

Is Messi Destined to Be …

One of Greatest if ..

Argentina Wins?

Will The Germany Team Dominate?

Last Weekend… World Cup 2014!

Last Two Games… World Cup 2014!

Last Games.. To Be As Awesome As..

World Cup 2014?


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The Decision!

LeBron James… His Decision!

“Going Back … CLEVELAND!”

The Man Who Four Years Ago…

Made “The Decision” on TV..

“Taking Talents to South Beach”

Will Cavaliers Fans Be Happy Now!

Can He Win More Rings?

He Wants to Be Home….

“It’s bigger Than Basketball” he said!

LeBron Then..Why did You leave before?

If your the Greatest why didn’t The Other Players Come to Cavs Before!

Now Miami Heat is in The Same Way…

Cleveland Was Four Years Ago…

Heat Fans… SHOCKED!

What Happens to Heat?

Free Agents Frenzy be.. Full Speed Now…

NBA Teams….Agents.. Players…

Phones Ringing…

Finally Be Making Their “DECISIONS!”

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Get A Grip!

NBA .. Free Agency Frenzy!

Off Season 2014…

Off To More Interesting Summer..

Than Season!

NBA Fans Knew Finals would be..

Rematch From Last Year..
Spurs vs Heat!

Victory Results …

Revenge in Historic Fashion..

Spurs Domination!

This NBA Offseason Decisions….

Have No Free Agents Making Decisions!

LeBron James is Keeping Quiet…

Did The King learn “The Decision”

Announcement Wrong!

All Superstars Waiting to Sign..

Chris Bosh… Dwayne Wade..
.Carmelo Anthony…

Waiting See What LeBron’s Move is!

Will Heat’s Big Three.. Be No More!

Are They Playing For Rings or…

Are They Playing For Money?

Why should Carmelo go to LA Lakers..

No Coach.. Can Kobe still play?

LeBron .. Go Home to Cleveland?

Bosh.. Go join Houston & Dwight Howard?

NBA is like Players Gone Into Frenzy!

Media Going Crazy..Where will LeBron Be?

Why oh Why..They all Talking LeBron?

And other Superstars…

When The San Antonio Spurs …

Are Quietly Going About Their Business!

Tim Duncan & Manu Giniboli & Patty Mills & Boris Diaw Signed Extensions..

Gregg Popovich signed Multi Year Deal!

Shouldn’t Media Be Focusing on Spurs!

After all They Are…


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Wimbledon Weekend!

Wimbledon 2014!

What a Winner’s Weekend!

Women’s Double Winners…

Italian Duo…Complete Grand Slam Win

Sara Errani & Roberta Vinci!


Men’s Double Winners…

Last Minute Partnering Duo…

Jack Sock & Vasek Popisil Win Over..

Number One Duo … G.O.A.T. Team…

Bryan Brothers!

What a Wimbledon Upset!


Women’s Championship Saturday..

What a Match… What a Performance..

Petra Kvitova Dominated.. Serve.. Winners..lost 3 Games

Over in 55 minutes!

Petra Kvitova Win over Eugenie Bouchard!


Wimbledon Sunday’s Men Final!

Way Opposite than Women’s!

A Almost Four Hour Match…

Five Sets..

Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer!

What Ups & Downs Throughout..

What a Show of Tennis!

One Point One Way Decided Winner!

Roger Federer Turn Backed Time..

Top Performance in Awhile!

Not Enough for Roger…

Win 8th Wimbledon ..18th Grand Slam..

Novak Pulled out .. Wimbledon Win!


Wimbledon Grass Grand Slam 2014!

What A Slam of Upsets and Favorites!

With Favorite Single Canada’s Upcoming Stars.. Couldn’t Win..

Eugenie Bouchard & Milos Raonic…

Canada’s Vasek Popisil Double Champ!

No American To Second Week.. A First!

First For American Jack Sock Double Champ!

Congrats to All Winners & Runner Up’s!

Wimbledon 2014 Weeks Over at…

All England Athletic Club!

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