The West has Won! 

NBA Offseason…

Free Agent Frenzy!

Wow …Wow…West!

Super Star Western Conference!

Showtime…Back to LA! 

LeBron James with …

Lance Stephenson… Rajon Rondo!

Can these Three Co-Exist?

Two of LeBron’s Nemicists Coming  Together!

Will this Work with Coach Walton?!

Wild Wild West in NBA! 

What will happen in East? 

Will LeBron even make Finals or Win West… 

Or Be on Beach in LA Fishing Early?!! 

Will Laker’s Win 🏆?

What a Season 2018-2019..

WOW can’t WAIT!!! 

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Playoffs – Playoffs!

March Madness Over!

College Basketball Brackets Over!

Cinderella Story to Final Four! 

Loyola-Chicago 11 Seed to Final 4!

#1 Villanova..College Champion!

Baseball Opening Day.. March!

Ready for Your Ballpark & Team to Go to October Baseball?

But ….

Now It’s April Playoffs!

NHL Started Playoffs Bracket…

Which Team will be Holding…

The Stanley Cup?!!

Not only NHL Playoffs!


NBA Started Playoffs Bracket…

Which Team will be Holding…
The Larry O’Brien Trophy?!!

Have fun fans watching Playoffs!

Hope your team Goes All The Way! 

Good Luck…All Teams in Playoffs! 

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Closing Ceremony Winter 2018!

PyeungChang Winter Olympics!

Closing Ceremony 2018! 

The 23rd Olympics!

The End  Event in..South Korea!

Show Start …Skiing Into Stadium..

102 Performers Skating! 

Represents ..102 Medal Events!

The Symbol … Panda Bears!


13 Year old Guitarist Rocked it..

Yang  Tae-hwan!

Athletes of ..The Winter Olympics!

What It’s All About.. 

Athletes Coming To Compete..

Coming From Around The World!

Gold..Silver.. Bronze Winners!

All Olympians Closing Celebrate…All Olympians Are..Winners!

Eighteen Days & Nights of Flame..

PyeungChang South Korea!

Have Come to A Close…Flame Out!

24th Winter Olympics 2022!

Handed Over To Beijing China!

Thank You PyeungChang For a…

Wonderful Winter Wonderland!

Lots of Memories…Olympics 2018!

What Was Your Favorite Moment?

My Fav Moment… Men’s Curling!

USA Winning Gold..First Ever &…

The Simpsons Called…A Curl Win!

Feb. 4, 2010.USA Gold Curling..The Simpsons Episode!

Hope All You Olympic Fans had..

Fun Winter Olympics 2018!

Congratulations To All Olympians!

Until Beijeng.. 

Goodbye PyeunChang!

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Next Gen Stars!

Tennis TodayFinals!

Three Young Tennis Players Won!

Del Ray Beach Tournament!

Del Ray,Fla..Field of Top Players..

Juan Martin DelPotro ..Milos Rainic..Jack Sock, Defend Champ!

All Lost before The Final…


USA Francis Tiafoe vs German Peter Gojowczyk!

Twenty Year old .. Tiafoe Won!

First ATP Title for…Francis!

Marseille Tournament..France!

A Large French of Player’s Field!

One French left in Final..

Lukas Pouille vs Russian Karen Khuchanov! 

Twenty Year Old..Khachanov Won!

Second ATP Title for.. Karen!

Rio Open Tournament.. Brazil!

Playing on Clay in Golden Swing..

Final.. Veteran vs Next Gen!

Spanish Fernando Verdasco vs Argentine’s Diego Scwartzman!

Twenty-Four Year Old..Diego Win!

Second ATP Title for..Scwartzman!

Congrats to These Next Gen Stars!

Look out Vets..Next Gen Stars..

Coming Up 🏆

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Winter Events Ending!

PyeungChang Olympics 2018!

Last Day of Events.. Winter Sports!

Last Medals…Last Ice Skating Show!

Started With.. Last Day ..

Women’s Curling.. 

Home Team Playing for Gold..

South Korea vs Sweden!

South Korea History…Silver!

Sweden Won 3rd…Gold!

Bobsledding..4 Men..

Germany Winning History ….Gold!

Germany &South Korea..Silver Tie!

History First Ever..Home S. Korea in Bobsled Win A Silver Medal!

Snowboarding Women’s..

Ester Ledecka of the Czech Republic… Won Gold!…

First Olympian..Win Gold medals..

Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding!

First Olympic Event..

Speed Skating Mass Start..Women!

Japan’s Nana Takagi…Gold!

S. Korea…Kim Vo-Reum…Silver!

Speed Skating Mass Start…Men’s!

S. Korea  .. Lee Seung Hoon..Gold!

First Ever! History Again!

Men’s Ice Hockey 2018!

Bronze Medal Game..

Canada vs Czech Republic..6-4!

Game Going Back & Forth with…

Canada Takes Bronze!

Canada’s 3rd Straight Olympic Medal! 

Will Gold Medal Game be as..

Exciting As The Women’s Game?

OAR vs Germany!

Germany … Didn’t even make 2014 Olympics.. Now A Medal!

Wow!!!…. What Another Gold Game…3-3 end of regulation! Germany up 3-2 with 55 seconds OAR Score! Germany gave up a Win on a power play! 

Onto Overtime…4 on 4 players!

OAR SCORE! 4-3 Overtime on German Powerplay! Germans Two Mistakes End of Game to give..

OAR Men’s Hockey…Gold! …First Since 1998!

Germany … Silver! Best German Medal in Hockey!

Great Event.. Men’s Hockey!

One Event Left Skiing into..

Closing Ceremony 2018 Olympics!

Last Day….  Medal Count!

South Korea Ends Day with..

Home Cooking Medals! 

South Koreans Olympians say..

Thank You to Home Fans!

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Olympic Winter Events Wins!

Pyeunchang Olympics 2018!

Last Days of Events! 

All for ..Gold..Silver…Bronze..

Before Tomorrow’s Finale’!

First Ever Olympic Team Event..

Alpine Slalom Team Event!

And Last of Olympic..

 2018 Skiing Event.. Winners..

Switzerland Team…. Gold!Austria… Silver! Norway…Bronze!
Biathlon ..Ski & Shoot Finals..

Men’s Austria Team .. Fav but not To Be… Surprise.. 

Men’s Gold..Sweden!

Silver…Norway! Bronze..Germany!

Women’s Biathlon Relay..

Bellarus Team… Gold!

Men’s Speed Skatimg..

NetherlandsKjeld Nuis..1st Olympics.. 2 Golds in 2018!

Skiing  Longest Distance….50K..

One Lap to Go … Men’s..

Iivo Niskanen.. Finland Took Chance…Stop put New Skates in Second behind.. Russian rival Alexander Bolshunov did not!

The Fin … Went past to Win..Gold!

Women’s Cross Country Skiing…

Photo Close Finish.. For USA!American’s…Jessica Diggins and Kikkan Randall Skied Race of Lives! .. American Ski History!

Sweden silver! Netherland Bronze! 

One More Day Events…

Winter Olympics 2018!

Are You Enjoying..PyeungChang!

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Gold Medal Game Curling!

Winter Olympics.. Pyeunchang 2018!

Curlimg Parties in Two Countries ..

Playing For ..First Time Ever..Gold!

USA vs Sweden!

Close Curlimg Game.. 5-5 End 7th!

End Eigth USA .. 5 Points for 10-5!

John Shuster.. USA Team Captain!

Shuster.. 4 Time  Olympian..

A Bad Showing in Sochi…

Sport of Curlimg.. Said No More!

John.. Put A Team Together to Win Events to Get in Olympics! 

USA .. Against All Odds to Medal!

Five Straight Wins Last Rounds..

Gave Gold … USA! USA!

Shuster..USA Gold team-mates… Tyler George..Matt Hamilton..John Landsteiner!

Won Over Their Swediish Friends.. Swedish #2 Team… Won Silver!

Switzerland beat Canada.. Bronze!

Curlimg.. Winter Olympics 2018..
What Exciting Games! 

Took to Twitter to ..

Congrats Curlimg Team USA!

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