NBA Start Week…Sad

NBA Season 2015 Starts this Week…

Sadly Start for NBA..Players & Fans…

Flip Saunders Passed Away Today…

Minnesota Timberwolves Coach.

Flip diagnosed…Treatable Cancer in Fall to take leave this season…

Lost his Battle Today…Sadly.

Flip started Coaching Timberwolve..


Took Team to Conference Finals.

Eight Times with Minnesota & Detroit!

He Knew Talented Players & Made his Players Get Best of their Game!

“I have a saying I tell my players,” Saunders said in 2005, early in his tenure with the Pistons….

“The game’s not black and white — it’s played gray.” He went on to explain: “You’ve got to make decisions every play, offensively and defensively. I don’t believe there’s one way to play.”   

Flip Returned to Minnesota &..
Last Year brought Back His Main Man to Minnesota to play & mentor young players…

The guy he brought in NBA in 1995 at age 17 & Flip made him a Superstar of League….

Kevin Garnett!

KG on Twitter…

 Forever in my heart….
R.I.P.Flip Saunders…..

Husband…Father….Coach &

A Good Role model…..

You Will be Missed by  Fans on …

“The Side of The Basketball Court!” 

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