We have a Winner!

Baseball Season Over!

Long Season.. April to November!

After All Summer Baseball saw…

Awesome October Playoff Series to

End with a Fun 5 Games…

World Series!

NY Mets vs Kansas City Royals!

This Series though Short had it All!

Two Young Teams…

Mets haven’t been in 29 years!

Royals lost Last Year in Game 7!

Two Teams totally Different!

Mets pitching …

Starters Stumbled in World Series!

Royals Hitters tough to get Out…

“Putting the Ball in Play!” Motto!

Make the Defense of Mets Play!

Mets Defense made Bad Plays when Mattered!

Congrats to NY Mets to get to WS!

Making it a Fun World Series!

Game One..

KC had “In Park Home Run!”…

Mets Outfielders Defense Confused!

Mets blown lead bottom ninth to go

Extra Innings for a KC win..One!

Game Two.. KC Win!

Game Three… Mets back to Life!

Game Four.. Mets Mistakes on D Gave KC win! 

Game Five.. Repeat Game One!

Mets lead in Ninth for Royals to Tie!

To Extra Innings to give..

The KC Royal Team…

“The Comeback Team!”

To Win World Series by playing…

Keep The Line Moving..

Hit after Hit…

Run Run Run the bases Fast…

Aggressive and Bullpen Mentality!

Thirty Years ….Congratulations!

Kansas City Royals are …

2015 Champions!


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