NFL 2015 – 2016 …Season End!

Sunday Season Last Games…

See Who Is In or Who Is Out!

First Football Sunday of 2016!


 A Jets Win In… No they Lost..Out!

A Steelers Win w/Jets Loss..

Steelers are In!

A Patriots Win..#1 Seed.. Loss To Miami.. Lose #1 Seed!

A Denver Win … #1 Seed with A back up Peyton Manning came to play & Win it for Broncos!


A Carolina Win… #1 Seed!

A Arizona Loss has..#2 Seed!

A Seattle Stomping Win…In!

A Vikings Win.. 

Win Division over Green Bay!

It’s Time For Wildcard Weekend!

AFC Playoff Picture…

Pittsburgh Steelers goes to Cincinnati Bengals!

Kansas City goes to Houston Texans!

Bye Week… Patriots & Broncos!

NFC Playoff Picture..

Seattle Seahawks goes to Minnesota Vikings!

Green Bay Packers goes to Washington Redskins!

Bye… Cardinals & Panthers!

It’s One & Done!

Who Will Be Moving on to…

Play the Teams with a Week Off?

Good luck Football Fans to…

The Team your Rooting to Win!


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One Response to Playoffs!…Playoffs!

  1. Sheri says:

    Good thing I didn’t bet the Jets to win the Super Bowl Like I was going to yesterday!!

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