NFL Road to Super Bowl 50!

NFL Playoffs…. 2016!

Nothing but Fun Football!

Wildcard Weekend Was Wild!


First Time Kickoff Off Return by KC..106 yards!

KC Chiefs Handled Houston Texans to Win First Playoff Game!

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincy Bengals!

Boy that Game Had It All… Rivalry!

Back & Forth Scoring with..

Back & Forth Unsportsmanship!

Bengals looking to Win but to Lose Final Minute with Fumble and Flags… For Steeler Win!

Seattle Seahawks vs Minnesota Vikings!

Playing ..Minus Zero Cold in Minnesota!

Vikings controlled Game until Fourth…Fell Apart!

Seahawks scored on Fluke Play ..

Wilson lost ball to get it To Big Throw Downfield to…..Score!

What a Play!

Vikings fumble for Seahawks Score..Up 10-9!

Vikings Down…Win W/ Field Goal!

26yard FG Vikings move On but…

Wait!  Wide Left Kick to Lose!

Lucky Hawks Win!

Green Bay Packers Looked Like The Pack was Back w/Win over Washington Redskins!

Divisional Weekend!

KC Chiefs vs New England Patriots!

Patriots came Out Strong To Play!

KC played Down Stretch w/ 5 Minutes left Played to Slow to Score like they had a 5th Quarter!

KC Played Hearts Out but Lost to..

The 2015 Champs!

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Denver Broncos!

Steelers Playing Without Star Players! 

Broncos looked Rusty after Bye and Peyton throws & drops!

Broncos Came Close To A Loss but..

Steelers fumble 5 Minutes to Go..

Peyton looked like Vintage Peyton to Score TD to A Victory!

Arizona Cardinals vs Green Bay Packers!

What A Game!

Arizona looked Rusty after Bye too!

Cardinals had lead to lose it with…

Another Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary!

Tied The Game to go OT!

Flip Out! Coin Didn’t Flip!

Cardinals Win Flip and With One Carson Palmer Throw to Fizgerald Wide Open to Run.. Run..Run to

Win for Cardinals!

Carolina Panthers vs Seattle Seahawks!

Carolina Came out Strong on Offense & Defense!

Carolina had 31 points at Half to Seattle 0 points!

Seattle Came Back Storming Second Half to Come Within a TD!

Scoring 24 points Second Half Holding Carolina to 0 points!

Seattle First Early Loss in 3 Years to be in NFC Champion Game!

Four Teams Left to Play for …

Conference Champs!

This Season Final Four Are…

 The Top Four to Still Be Playing!

AFC Champion Game to Play…

New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos!

Brady vs Manning for 5th Time!

NFC Champion Game to Play!

Carolina Panthers vs Arizona Cardinals!

First for Cam Newton & Carson Palmer!

What A NFL Playoffs it has been!

Champ Games Should be Good!

Who Will Fill In Bracket to Play In..

Super Bowl 50!


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