Super Bowl 50!

Santa Clara, California hosting..

NFL Super Bowl 50!

Two Top Teams..AFC/NFC!

Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers!

Carolina Came in Game ..One Loss!

Everyone Expected Carolina..WIN!

Number One Defense.. Denver!

Number One Offense… Carolina!

Oldest QB.. Peyton Manning! 

First QB in SB.. Cam Newton!

What A Game… Old Time Game!

A Close Game but Denver D & Special Teams Gave them the Plays to Win!

All Defense Game both Teams!

All Season Cam said…

“If you don’t want to see me “Dab” keep me out of End Zone!”

Broncos Number One Defense..

Did what Cam said and…

Stopped “The Dabbing!”

Cam… No Dancing …No 1st Down Show!

Wade Phillip’s D Coach Game Plan had….

Broncos Defense Put A Stopped to All that Carolina Offense by…

Seven Sacks… Interception….Four Turnovers.. Two Fumbles..

A Defensive Touchdown!

What a Defensive Performance! 

MVP .. Von Miller & Denver D!

Manning didn’t have a Great Game Either but…

Did Enough on Offense  to Win his Second Super Bowl!

Will it be the last Rodeo for Peyton?

What a Class Act Peyton! 

 Manning Brothers Teams have Wins in Big Upsets in Super Bowls..

A Team With No Losses.. Patriots!

A Team With One Loss.. Panthers!

Defense Wins Championships and.. Celebrating with a “Dab!”

Congrats to Denver Broncos….

Super Bowl 50 …

World Champs 2016!


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