Stanley Cup!

NHL Season 2016.. Stanley Cup!

Pittsburgh Penguins vs San Jose Sharks!

San Jose Sharks.. 

Win West..25 Year Drought! 

To Play For The NHL Biggest Prize!

East Winners..

 Pittsburgh Penguins..

2009 Last Stanley Cup Win!

Favorites in 2016…

 Washington Capitals lost to…

Pittsburgh Penguins in East Finals!

Penguins it was a Final against a …

Shark Team who fought 3-1 down to A Game 6 in San Jose!

Sharks fought. Penguins Prevailed!

Congrats to San Jose Sharks to Finals!

Congrats to MVP Sydney Crosby

“I wasn’t really thinking about ’09 that much,” said Crosby, 28. “I was just thinking about how hard it was to get to this point and just trying to enjoy every second of it. It’s not easy to get here, and having won seven years ago at a young age, you probably take it for granted a little bit. You don’t think you do at the time. But it’s not easy to get this point, so just try and enjoy it as best as I can.”
Penguins…Sunday night might have appeared at times to be unfathomable for Crosby Era..

 And the franchise… Not Anymore!

Congrats to 2016 ..

Stanley Cup Champions…

Pittsburgh Penguins!

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