XXXI  Olympics!

Summer 2016 Olympics!

 Ready to Go in The Host City of….

Rio De Janiero, Brazil!

First Olympics in South America!

A Colorful Opening Ceremony…

From a Colorful Party City in Rio!

Summer Olympics…

August 5 to 21 August 2016 with…

28 Events and 2 New Events..
Golf and Rugby!

33 Venues in Rio!

11,000 Athletes from..
206 Olympic Nations Worldwide!

306 Olympic Medals To win…

Gold…Silver… Bronze!

1st Olympic Team of Refugees!

The Opening Olympic Ceremony

Best Athletes in World to Compete… 

For First or Last Games!

Last Time…

Brazilian Model will Walk Runway in Opening Ceremony in her home of Brazil…

Gisele Bundschen!

Last Watching Great Athlete..

Usian Bolt! 

Last Watching Most Medals Athlete…

Michael Phelps!

The Flame Lighting to Begin….

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics!

17 Days of Watching …
Olympic Summer Sporting Events!

Athletes Work 4 Years for..

The Sport they Love and 

The Honor for Their Country! 

Sports Fans…All Around World Will Be Watching!

As the Flame is Lit till The End!

Have a Fun Time Watching and 

Rooting for your Favorite…

Sport… Athlete.. Country!

Who will be your favorite to Watch for During the Rio Games?

After A Celebrating Ceremony…

Let The Games Begin!

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