What a Week 2 …#Rio 2016!

So Many Great Stories & History…
Second Week of Olympics.. Rio!

So Many Sports….
So Here Some Highlights!

USA gym women’s team GOLD!

Simone Biles first American on vault ..Gold.. Wins First 5 medals!

Final Five of Coach Marta of USA Gymnastics Teams! Goodbye Marta!

First ever Swiss to win in gymnastics silver… Vault…Gulia Stemburger!

Track & Field….

The Great Wins in 3rd Olympics…
Usain Bolt from Jamaica…

3rd Gold history…100 & 200 meters! Last Olympics..9 Golds!

His Personality & Fun will be missed..Oh & that Pose!

USA Kim Felix…First woman runner to have 5 gold medals…Six medals total most!

First sweep of hurdles in track & field Ever….

USA! Gold.. Silver… Bronze!
32 USA medals in track & field…HISTORY!

USA Will Gaye. ..Wins Silver Medal after win Propsed to his Girlfriend! Glad she said YES! She won Will And A  Diamond!

 USA wins Gold since 1908…

Father Won 2 Medals…Now Son…

 Matthew Centrowitz!

Mo Farrah team GB wins… 

Mo Golds in 5,000 & 10,000 run!

2012 & 2016! 

Beach volleyball…

What A fun time in the Sand!

Brazil Second sport after futbol!

Men’s Brazil team win gold!

Women’s Brazil.. Silver! 

Women’s Polo USA… Gold!

Wonderful Story.. Medal Ceremony!

Coach’s Brother passed day before Olympics went to Rio… 

Girls put Their Gold Medals around his neck on Podium! 

Ashton Eaton of USA…

World’s Greatest Athlete..

Gold in Decathlon & Back to Back…2012 & 2016! 


Team GB two brothers won Gold & Silver! 

USA Woman Gwen won Gold after being a tax accountant for years! 

USA Basketball Teams..

 Men’s & Women… Gold Medals!

Last time for Men’s Coach K…76 Straight Olympic Game Wins Coach K! Congrats!


Serbia …First Medal.. Silver!

Spain.. Bronze!

Lots of Last Goodbyes to Olympics…

The Best of The Best….

Michael Phelps & Usain Bolt!

 LEGENDS… In their sport!

Women’s Futbol.. Germany Gold!

A Golden Moment..Neymar Wins Gold last Penalty kick.. History!

Brazil Men’s Futbol team win Gold over Germany… Down to PK’s!

Neymars  Biggest Kick of his Life!

Brazil first Gold & in their Home Country… 

Third Team to win as Host of Olympics! 

What a Closing Win for Brazil!

Final Medals …….

USA History Most medals in Rio!

A Closing Rio Ceremony…

A Brazilian Party!

So much Olympic History..17 days!

What was Your Favorite #Rio2016?

A great time these two weeks…

A fun & colorful atmosphere!

Thank you Rio 2016 …

XXXI Olympics!

To all volunteers who worked hard during these amazing games!

To every athlete who shared their triumphs…the defeats… the joy the pains…. Thank You!

Good bye Rio 2016!

Welcome Tokyo…2020!

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