What a “W”!

World Series 2016!

Chicago Cubs vs Cleveland Indians!

Two Young Teams!

Theo Epstein.. GM of Cubs now broke Boston Red Sox Draught…

Could he do it with Chicago Cubs?!!

Cubs Won…103 Games most 2016!

Cubs went through San Fran Giants in 5…LA Dodgers in 6…

To World Series! 

Indians went through Boston Red Sox in 3… Toronto Blue Jays in 5..

To World Series! 

Chicago Last Won WS …1908!

Cleveland Last Won WS…1948!

Cleveland.. American League Home Field…2-3-2!

Cleveland Won Game One!

Cubs Won Game Two…

Going Home Tied .. Advantage Cubs?

Cubs Lose Two in A Row!

Cleveland up 3-1 in Series..

One Win Away to Indians Champs!

Cubs Came Back Game 5…”W”….

Never so Happy to go to Cleveland!

Cubs Bats were on Game 6..”W”…

To a WS Game 7…. CLASSIC!

Game 7 had it all! 

Cubs Lead off HR… Indians Tie!

Managers pitching Changes…

Could be Questionable ….

Cubs up 5-1…. 

Indians Score 2…Bad Pitch by Cubs Lester coming out bullpen in 5th!

5-3 Cubs lead… Cubs HR by David Ross… Oldest player HR in WS!

Cubs 6-3 …8th inning 2 outs!

Pitching Change Closer In…

Indians Score A Run & A Hit &….

A Home Run to Tie The Game …


Ninth Inning … Outs…Oops Rain!

Extra Innings after Rain Delay!

Cubs Come Out Score 2… 8-6!

Indians Two Outs .. One Run…

8-7 then The Cubs Did This…

After 108 Years … Cubs Win!
What a Game 7…What a Comeback!

What a Roller Coaster Ride Game!

Congrats Indians.. Great October!

Congrats Cubs… CHAMPIONS!

“Go Cubs Go!”

What A World Series!

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