Post Season Play!

NFL 2016…Over January One! 

Playoffs.. Who’s In Who’s Out?

Usual Suspect…


Number 1 Top N.E. Patriots with…

Four Weeks off.. Tom Brady!

AFC Teams go through Foxboro!

Number 2 .. KC Chiefs.. Bye Week!

Raider loss last Week..KC Win…

KC Gets #2 with 2 Wins over Oakland Raiders!

Raiders..Surprise Winning Season!

Wildcard Weekend AFC..

Raiders play in Houston…

Raiders Biggest Loss.. Injured QB!

Houston.. Big QB Problems Too…Who to Start? 

Miami plays in Pittsburgh!

Miami & Pittsburgh … Playoff bound last Weeks of Season! 

Miami..Winning Season Surprise! 

AFC… Who will be Winner to….

Super Bowl? 


Number One … Dallas Cowboys!

Who picked Dallas Start of Season to be One in NFC without Tony Romo and Two Rookies?! Wow!

Atlanta Falcons #2… Bye Week!

Falcons Offense On Fire!

Wildcard Weekend NFC…

NY Giants play in Green Bay!

Giants Defense against Aaron Rodgers…

Can They Contain Scrambling Rodgers?

Eli Manning Playoff Perfect!

Can he do it again for Giants?

Detroit Lions play in Seattle!

Seattle.. Scary Good at Home!

Lions loss last Week.. Lost Homefield Advantage!

Big Task Lions to Win in Seattle! 

NFC….Who will be Winner to….

Super Bowl? 

What A 2016 NFL Season! 

Five QB’s in Playoffs…Super Bowl Winners… 

Tom Brady..Eli Manning…Aaron Rodgers… Ben Rothliesberg… Russell Wilson! 

Which one Will Add another Ring?

Will it be A New QB Winner? 

Went fast with Lots of Drama!

Five Coaches Fired! 

First Season both Last Year Super Bowl Teams NOT in PLAYOFFS!

Sorry Football Fans if your Team..NOT in PLAYOFFS!

Good Luck NFL Teams & Fans…


See who will be in ..

Super Bowl Sunday?!!

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One Response to Post Season Play!

  1. sheri Sussman says:

    Great wrap up Sporty!! Thanks!! Going for Giants all the way this year! Or Tom and the Pats!!

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